ACCC® Conductor

ACCC® – What is it and why your projects need it

ACCC® (Aluminum Conductor Composite Core) is the world`s most efficient high capacity, low sag transmission conductor. The technology was developed from 2001 to 2005, patented and commercialized in 2006 by CTC Global. ACCC® is CTC Global registered trademark.

ACCC®: Installed over 60.000 km at over 550 projects in 50 countries.

ACCC® Conductor Receives 3rd Party Certificate for Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emission Reduction Credits

ACCC® is ideal for new projects and reconductoring projects where the line capacity and transfer power need to be increased as well as safety heights. The conductor unique features make it ideal for:

  • river crossings
  • long spans
  • corrosive marine environment
  • wind farms
  • high voltage lines
  • heavy ice loads
  • strong winds and fire storm survival

ACCC® Conductor Characteristic

The ACCC® conductor consists of carbon fiber composite core encased in a protective fiberglass sheath helically wrapped with super conductive aluminum alloy laid in trapezoidal strands.

Twice stronger and 70% ligher than steel

The carbon fiber glass composite core is much stronger and lighter than steel thus the ACCC conductor utilizes 28% more aluminum with no weight or diameter penalty. This ACCC unique feature provides the greatest conductivity and lowest possible electrical resistance for any given conductor diameter.

Corrosion Free

The core outer fiber glass layer improves toughness and conductor flexibility while providing a galvanic barrier which prevents corrosion with the conductive aluminum strands.

ACCC® Conductor Advantages

Increased line capacity and higher opperating temperatures

The ACCC® conductor continuous operating temperature can be up to 180°c and it can carry twice the current of conventional steel reinforced conductors.

Reduced line losses and sag

Increased aluminum profile reduces line losses up to 30% compared to any other conductor of the same diameter and weight.

The composite core low coefficient of thermal expansion enables the ACCC® conductor to carry additional electrical current without affecting line sag because when the conductor heats up the aluminum strands expand at a higher rate than the core so aluminum strands relaxes and the tensile load shifts to the core.

Utilization of ACCC® Conductor

Reconductoring projects

  • Immediate increase of line capacity and transferred power without modifying and/or expanding existing support infrastructure
  • Asset life extension
  • Implemented towards existing transmission lines
  • Maintained or lowered tension on structure
  • Reduction of project completion time (depending on size and man power reconductoring projects can be completed in days)
  • No special equipment is needed for installation

New line projects

  • Increased distance between towers (reduces the number of towers needed for the project)
  • Allows to use light towers and fundament
  • Low tension on structure
  • Reduction of project completion time
  • Line capacity increase
  • Reduction of line losses

Care for the environment and emission reduction

The ACCC® conductor reduces line loses and thus the energy generation needed to meet capacity and power needs. Lower energy results in reduction of fuel consumption and associated emissions.

The ACCC® Conductor hardware and fittings

The ACCC® conductors require specially designed dead-ends and splices which are provided from various hardware suppliers, globally. The hardware is produced only from certified CTC Global partner companies.

International experience

ACCC® Conductor in the world

The ACCC® conductor has been used in more than 550 projects in more than 50 countries all around the world.

More than 60 000 km of conductors have been installed from 2006 until today in all the terrain and environment conditions (big spans, river crossings, wind farms, extreme cold, extreme high temperatures, ice loads, corrosive environment, strong winds…).

ACCC® in South East Europe countries

  • Croatia

  • Until March 2018., 192 km of ACCC conductor were contracted in Croatia. Until today it has been operating around 139 km in the area of Split and Osijek.

  • Srbija

  • Until March 2018., 22.1 km of ACCC conductor were contracted in Srbija.

ACCC vodič - BrochureACCC Conductor – Brochure (PDF)