About Us: Elektro Merkur d.o.o.


Our mission is to provide each customer with the best value for money through superior service and satisfaction and carefully selected assortment of high quality goods, equipment and services in the field of power facilities, industry and construction with maximum responsibility to the customer, society, environment and ourselves, respecting the legal obligation, the rules of the profession and the technical standards.


Create a recognizable strength in selling goods and services in the fields of energy, industry and building sector, which  will,  with our   ethical and partnership access , became  first choice to the customers and desirable employer for employees.

Fundamental values of Elektro Merkur

The values on which we base our success are quality, courtesy, confidance, innovation and understanding of needs of the customer.

Efficiency. With full attention we learn about your needs, and their clear understanding helps us reply on your requirements on time in accordance with agreed term plans.

Flexibility. We are ready to work with you whenever you need us and as much as you need us.